Now you can tap into a valuable credit resource -- your home equity. Whatever the reason -- from consolidating high interest debts to purchasing a new car -- our low interest home equity loans can't be beat.

And the best news: All or part of the interest you pay may be tax deductible.*

Stop in today. We'll show you how a convenient home equity loan can work to your advantage.

*For more information about your situation, consult your accountant or tax advisor.

Loan Protection Insurance, or Payment Protection, is a convenient way to protect yourself and your family should the unexpected accident occur causing death or disability.

Falls Catholic Credit Union will make tuition loans to the parents of the students of parochial schools in Summit County, Ohio. The proceeds check must be made out to the school.

Any parent who is interested in obtaining a tuition loan from the credit union need only become a member of the credit union by depositing $25.00 into a savings account at the credit union.

The maximum unsecured tuition loan for any one member shall be $10,000.00 and the minimum loan amount shall be $500.00. The maximum term of the loan shall be one year or less. No prepayment penalties shall be assessed. All other credit union signature loan policies shall apply
. Contact us for more information. back

Never forget to make your loan payment again! We can automatically deduct your loan payment from your savings or checking account at any financial institution that's connected to the Automated Clearinghouse and apply it to your loan on the day that your payment is due. Contact us for more information. back

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